Will Graham Holds Livestream Celebration

Will Graham Holds Livestream Celebration

Will Graham presented the Gospel during a livestream Celebration Wednesday in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Will, who had spoken the previous day at a Church Leaders Summit in Rapid City, preached in a stunning outdoor setting at Terry Peak Ski Area, just outside the historic towns of Deadwood and Lead. Worship leader Mark Christian and Julie Norwood, lead pastor at Big Life Church in Rapid City, joined Will for the livestream.

In keeping with Saturday’s Independence Day celebration in the United States, Will spoke about how to find freedom—true freedom in Jesus Christ. He recounted Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son, who wanted the freedom to live as he pleased and squandered all he had in wild living. He ended up feeding pigs—a repulsive situation for a Jewish person.

“So he got up,” Will said. “That’s the amazing thing—he got up. Some people just want to sit in the pigpen their whole life. Maybe that’s you. Things are so bad, but you don’t want to go back. You don’t want to admit that you were wrong. … But, my friends, God has a better plan for you.”

Will explained that if we will confess our sins and ask God to forgive us, He will. He’ll give us a new life and a fresh start.

“My friends, you’ll never, ever, regret that moment,” he said. “But you will regret not getting out of the pigpen. Make that decision to get out of your pigpen and come to Jesus Christ. He’s waiting on you. Matter of fact, He’s running toward you. That’s how much He loves you. That’s true freedom in Christ.”

The event had some 69,000 views on Facebook Live and WillGrahamLive.com. People watched from 45 countries, and more than 150 indicated decisions for Jesus Christ.

Photo: Ron Nickel/©2020 BGEA

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