Wheaton College Scorns Pro-Life Speaker

Wheaton College Scorns Pro-Life Speaker

In a 50-minute presentation titled “Black Lives Matter In and Out of the Womb,” pro-life advocate Ryan Bomberger spoke at Wheaton College in Illinois about two topics close to his heart—abortion and racial justice.

Following the event, sponsored by Wheaton College Republicans, the school’s student government sent a campus-wide email claiming that Bomberger’s comments made people of color on campus feel unsafe. Yet, of the five people involved in writing the email, only one actually attended the presentation, said Bomberger, who is biracial and was conceived in rape.

In a written response, Bomberger pointed out that he himself is a person of color, and that following his talk, he answered questions for nearly an hour. “I was primarily presenting a perspective of those who are never heard, always underrepresented, and are actually unsafe—the unborn,” he said.

“ … For someone to be offended, I would think they would be more offended by a social movement that has to have a disqualifier … that only some black lives matter.”

Bomberger and his wife, Bethany, founded the Radiance Foundation in 2009 with the mission to “creatively affirm that every human life has purpose.”

Franklin Graham posted on his Facebook page: “Is Wheaton College, the alma mater of my parents, Billy Graham and Ruth Bell Graham, tilting to the left? I hope not. I just read about Ryan Bomberger, a young black man who was conceived by rape and recently spoke at Wheaton College to share his story and the important message that ‘Black Lives Matter In and Out of the Womb.’

“Ryan was critical of both Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood, which is notorious for promoting abortions to the black community. I admire this young man who isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Ryan is absolutely right—Black Lives Matter isn’t living up to their name if they continue to partner with pro-abortion groups which are ending black lives statistically more than any other racial group.

“Instead of applauding Ryan’s strong stand for truth, Wheaton College Student Government sent out an email to every student, apologizing, in so many words, and making accusations that Ryan’s speech made students and faculty of color feel ‘unheard, underrepresented and unsafe.’ As Christians we need to have an influence on culture and not let the culture influence us. I’m afraid these students are being influenced by the culture of the progressive left, which is very unfortunate. They need to hear from godly leadership of the university on important matters of truth like this. This one-time bastion of evangelical conservatism always needs to be on guard against drifting left.”

As of press time, the Wheaton administration had not commented.

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