Vice President Mike Pence, Pastor Billy Kim Visit Billy Graham Library

Vice President Mike Pence, Pastor Billy Kim Visit Billy Graham Library

Honored guests and members of the news media gathered Dec. 13 at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, for a ribbon-cutting ceremony dedicating the Library’s latest expansion, followed by a public book signing by former Vice President Mike Pence.

The Library expansion, named Billy Kim Hall, is a new wing that will be used for training and events at the Library. The Reverend Billy Kim—a South Korean evangelist and pastor emeritus of the Central Baptist Church in Suwon, South Korea—served as Billy Graham’s interpreter during the historic 1973 Crusade in Seoul, South Korea, which drew a total of 3.2 million people over five days. Attendance at the closing service was 1.1 million at Seoul’s sprawling Yoido Plaza and was the largest in-person audience of Mr. Graham’s ministry.

“Today is a very special day,” said Franklin Graham, “for us to be able to dedicate Billy Kim Hall and also to have former Vice President Mike Pence here for a book signing at the Library.”

Pence, who shared his testimony last year at an event with Kim in South Korea, said: “I can think of no better person, Franklin, to dedicate this expansion to than Billy Kim. He is truly a workman approved, rightly able to handle the Word of truth. He came alongside your father and this ministry as few others have, and would go on to make contributions to nations and to the Kingdom that will ring for eternity.”

Billy Kim expressed his gratitude for the honor. “I’m humbled, and I want to thank Franklin and Jane and all the family of the Grahams.”

At a press conference following the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Pence fielded questions about the political landscape and whether he might run for president in 2024.

“I’m deeply concerned about the state of the country today,” Pence said. “Families struggling under the weight of inflation at a 40-year high, energy prices through the roof, a crisis at our southern border and seemingly an endless assault on the liberties of the American people, including religious liberty. So, we are going to stay in the fight for the values that we have always advanced throughout our career.”

He said his family would be together at Christmas for the first time in three years and would talk about what might come. “I promise to keep you posted here in North Carolina,” he said.

Later that afternoon, Pence signed copies of his book “So Help Me God,” which traces his journey to the second-highest office in the land and tells how the Christian faith he embraced as a young man has guided his decisions as a public servant.

Photo: Thomas J. Petrino/©2022 BGEA

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