UK Doctor Vindicated Over Abortion Pill Reversal Process

Restrictions against doctor rescinded after women testified that he saved the lives of their babies

UK Doctor Vindicated Over Abortion Pill Reversal Process

Restrictions against doctor rescinded after women testified that he saved the lives of their babies

Dr. Dermot Kearney, who helps women who want to reverse the effects of the abortion pill, has been vindicated after an investigation by the U.K.’s physician regulatory agency revealed that complaints filed by abortionist Dr. Jonathan Lord were unfounded.

Pro-abortion and pro-life supporters hotly contest the efficacy of the abortion pill reversal process, though it has saved the lives of thousands of babies.

Kearney found himself at the center of this controversy in April 2020 when the U.K. government first introduced “pill by post,” a program that would allow women to easily access abortion through the mail.

Knowing that this could result in more women seeking abortion and then changing their minds about it, Kearney began helping women across the U.K. access the abortion pill reversal protocol. It’s a medical treatment where women receive a prescription for progesterone to counteract the abortion pill drug mifepristone if taken within 24-48 hours after the first dose.

But Kearney was banned from pursuing these lifesaving efforts after a complaint from Lord of the pro-abortion group MSI Reproductive Choices, previously known as Marie Stopes International. The group argued that he “inappropriately prescribed progesterone to a patient for a use not backed by evidence, failed to present a balanced picture of its benefits and risks, and imposed his anti-abortion beliefs on her.”

The women who sought out his help strongly disagreed.

Amrita Kaur, who took the abortion pill in a “moment of anger” only to immediately regret it, told The Mail on Sunday: “He was very understanding, telling me ‘there’s a route we can take.’ So I took the progesterone pills and I’ve never looked back. I adore my daughter.”

This process saved Kaur’s baby, now 4-month-old Ahri-Storm, and she was adamant that Kearney has “not done anything wrong.”

Dozens of other women, even those who were unable to save their children, appreciate Kearney’s efforts and incredibly kind demeanor.

This includes “Kate,” a woman in her 40s whom Lord used as the basis for his complaint against Kearney, without her consent. Contradicting Lord’s description of Kearney’s treatment as not based on evidence and that he was coercing them into the reversal process, Kate says he was “amazing,” non-judgmental and remained in touch with her, even though they were unable to save her child after undergoing the abortion pill reversal process.

Less than 100% effective, the process is safe and has saved the lives of at least 32 babies in the U.K. through Kearney’s efforts.

“When I look at the babies, when I speak to the women and their partners, it brings tears to my eyes,” Kearney said to the Mail on Sunday.

“None of the women I helped complained to the General Medical Council, and none of the families either. The women themselves were all very grateful, even when it didn’t work. I struggle to understand why some people oppose this treatment.

“I’ve been the target of an orchestrated campaign by the abortion industry to stop pro-life doctors like me from offering abortion pill reversal (APR) treatment.”

The abortion pill reversal protocol has been deemed “unscientific” by the abortion industry, though successfully used to reportedly save 3,000 babies in the U.S. In addition, Dr. Harvey Kliman of Yale’s School of Medicine told The New York Times that the process “makes biological sense” and that he would give the treatment to his own daughter if she accidentally ingested mifepristone while pregnant.

Kaur said: “I am pro-choice in that I believe that women should have access to abortion services, but they should also have the choice to try to reverse the abortion if they want to and if they ask for help to do so.

“I believe the ban against Dr. Kearney was silly and ridiculous and I am glad he has finally been vindicated and will now be able to continue to provide crucial support to women in crisis pregnancies.”


If you or someone you know has taken the abortion pill and is interested in a reversal, call 877-558-0333 or visit

Photo: Courtesy of Christian Concern

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