UGA Students Baptized in Truck Beds After Revival Event

UGA Students Baptized in Truck Beds After Revival Event

A revival event at the University of Georgia (UGA) April 3 led to baptisms in pickup truck beds in the parking lot after students made professions of faith.

Unite Georgia, a night of prayer, worship and teaching in UGA’s Stegeman Coliseum, drew about 7,000 college students to hear author and speaker Jennie Allen and pastor Jonathan Pokluda and worship with Circuit Rider Music.

An estimated 150 students were baptized in pickup truck beds in front of a fraternity house after the event, according to The Christian Post.

FOX News host Laura Ingraham interviewed Nate Kearns, a student who was baptized at the event.

Kearns said he had not planned on being baptized that night. He grew up in a culturally Christian home, but “there was no intimate relationship with Christ.” He committed his life to Jesus a month before the event.

Regarding the baptism, he said, “I just heard the call from the Lord, and He said, ‘Be obedient.’ And I listened to Him to take a step of faith and let my fraternity brothers watch that.”

Unite US began at Auburn University in September of last year. Founder Tonya Prewett mentored college students through their struggles with pain, anxiety and depression, and had a vision to unite them in worship to Jesus Christ.

At the first event at Auburn, roughly 200 students were baptized in an impromptu baptism at a lake near the arena. According to Jennie Allen, one student requested to be baptized, and Allen came to the stage and asked if any others wanted to. “Dozens raised their hands,” she described in a social media post.

Unite US has held worship meetings at Auburn, Florida State University (FSU), the University of Alabama, UGA, and is headed to Tennessee in May. FSU saw about 300 baptisms and Alabama had an estimated 260 baptisms.

Prewett believes students are hungry for the Gospel. “These events can only be explained by a move of God,” she told FOX News. “We’re hearing testimonies from these students, saying, ‘Hey, I walked in contemplating suicide, but I left with the most joy and peace I’ve ever experienced.’ It’s just amazing, and it’s moving.” She said that universities are reaching out to Unite US, asking them to come.

Unite US seeks to be intentional with discipleship, getting names and contact information for all who are baptized and connecting them with local churches and ministries.

“I’m here to say that … no matter how broken you think you are,” Kearns shared on FOX, “Jesus Christ’s love is more powerful than that, and He wants to enter into a personal relationship with you.

“If you call on the Name of the Lord, you will not be forsaken.”

Photo: Unite US / Facebook

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