The Equality Act: What It Would Mean

The Equality Act: What It Would Mean

• Churches, religious schools and other faith-based nonprofits would be required to abide by the newly framed Civil Rights Act and related codes. The law would make no exemptions for religious institutions and explicitly invalidates the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

• The rights of parents to make choices for their children on questions of sexuality or gender, including medical treatments, would be superseded by federal civil rights codes. The law would also strip parents of their right to raise and educate their own children if their beliefs contradict government mandates.

• Male-bodied trans women would have rights to women’s private spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, prison cells, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, hospital rooms, women’s conferences, college dorms, elder care facilities and sports leagues.

• Bakers, florists, photographers, videographers, web designers, wedding venue owners and public officials who believe in traditional marriage would be targeted.

• Faith-based adoption agencies or women’s shelters could be forced to shut down.

• Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors would be coerced and threatened to abide by the new sexual orthodoxy.

• People who fail to use transgender pronouns could be subject to fines or firing.

• The new sexual orthodoxy would be mandated into curricula and would be the required norm on field trips and in dorms at schools and universities.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list, but it attempts to show how broad the consequences of the Equality Act would be. For more information, visit, hosted by Alliance Defending Freedom. Contact your U.S. senator to voice your opposition to the Equality Act.

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