Target Forges on With Woke Merchandise for Christmas

Target Forges on With Woke Merchandise for Christmas

Target appears to be doubling down on its acceptance of radical gender theory, despite a second straight negative sales report following backlash to its Pride-themed products earlier this year. 

The company’s second-quarter earnings report shows a 5.4% decrease in sales—the first drop in roughly six years, but instead of backing down on its Woke politics, it has reportedly hired a Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist and Pride Lead whose very job it is to woke-ify the aisles. 

“Time to whip out the Glitter & Hellfire flamethrowers and rip that old world to shreds darlings,” Erik Thomson, the new strategist, shared on Instagram. “Let’s flip that script and rewrite that narrative. This time for -ALL Guests, ALL Humans & All Hearts.” 

Thompson, who goes by “gaycruella” on social media, shared with followers that he was “honored” to accept the role.

A post featuring Thompson’s announcement was shared on X, which prompted many to react to the news on the original post. One commenter asked, “lol you gonna make Targets sales tank too?” to which Thompson responded, “Yes. Yes I will make sales tank,” with heart and kissing emojis. 

Thompson’s LinkedIn bio says, “On a mission to lead in the effort of working to flip the script and rewrite the narrative of CPG retail industries to better serve all consumer segments and thoughtfully & authentically cater to *ALL guests, ALL humans, & ALL hearts* who enter our stores and across the nation.” 

Reflecting on the company’s reports, Target CEO Brian Cornell admitted that sales “have clearly been tougher than we expected this year, and we are firmly focused on getting back to growth.” 

While Cornell confessed the company has struggled, one would expect the mega-retailer to learn from its mistakes, readjust to what their clientele wants, and get back to selling products, not politics, said Sarah Holliday in an op-ed in Christianity Today

But rather than pivoting after the backlash, the boycotts, and plummeting sales, it has decided to continue swimming upstream. “With summer behind us, tucking swimsuits are clearly out of season. So naturally, with Christmas around the corner, Pride ornaments are next on the agenda,” Holliday wrote.

Part of Target’s LGBT Christmas line includes things like a nutcracker holding a Progress Pride Flag and wearing a Pride hat. It’s advertised with the slogan, “Show your love and support for the LGBTQIA+ community.” Like a blast from the past, these items were met with immediate mockery. “Wow. Just wow,” Brian Frye posted on X. “You would think they would have learned from the last time. When will companies finally start to realize it? Go woke … go broke!”

Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for Education Studies at the Family Research Council, said it’s especially important that we avoid shopping at places like Target during Christmas.

“Target selling sexually themed Christmas ornaments is more evidence that we live in a post-Christian society,” she told The Washington Stand. “The virgin birth of the Savior of the world in a stable in Bethlehem is what we celebrate. The goodness, truth, and beauty of that reality are not improved or enhanced by work merchandising campaigns.” 

“If Americans (and especially people of faith) have some money left to spend at Christmas this year,” Kilgannon urged, “I hope they don’t spend it at Target.” 

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