Stories from the Prayer Line

Stories from the Prayer Line

BGEA’s 24-hour Prayer Line ministry (855-255-PRAY) has taken more than 2 million calls since it began in March 2020, amid the COVID outbreak. Here are a few recent stories of how God continues to use the ministry. 

George and Barbara are both 83 years old and have spent 63 years together in marriage. They called the Prayer Line after watching a Franklin Graham Gospel spot, and wanted to learn more about God. After hearing the Gospel message, they both wanted to pray to receive Christ. “As the three of us conversed over speaker phone, it was truly a beautiful conversation,” the Prayer Line team member said. “In closing, I praised God for drawing them near to Himself so they could receive new life through Jesus.”

After watching a Billy Graham television program, Ashley felt compelled to pick up the phone. She shared with a team member about traumatic experiences from her past and said the last two years have been a very difficult season, as she has struggled with both anxiety and depression. But as she has been watching Mr. Graham’s sermons, she has repented of her sin and surrendered to Christ’s lordship over her life. The team member prayed with her and told her that her identity is now in Christ, instead of what she has done or what has been done to her. 

James* had just been released from prison. He requested prayer that the Lord would help him put his life back together. The team member shared the promises of Matthew 6:33 and Philippians 4:19 and encouraged James to believe that God will supply his every need. James then acknowledged that he is not walking in fellowship with God. He is prone to anger and uses drugs. The team member asked if he would like to confess his sins to God and rededicate his life to Christ, and James said yes. “I led him in a prayer to repent of his sins,” the team member said. “And I encouraged him to find a body of believers who could help him grow and hold him accountable.” 

In tears, Dawn called the Prayer Line, asking the question, “Where is God?” She was distraught over her divorce from several years ago, and she did not know how to let go of the past. The team member shared Scriptures from the Book of Hosea and encouraged Dawn to draw closer to Jesus and allow Him to heal her broken heart. “Sensing her brokenness, I suggested she consider a new beginning with Christ and rededicate herself to Him today,” the team member said. Dawn agreed this is what she needed in order to forgive and to experience peace in her life. Sharing 1 John 1:9, the team member led her in a prayer of rededication. By the end of the call, Dawn had stopped crying and said that she now has hope for her future with Christ.   

Mark* called from a mental hospital, sharing how he was struggling with suicidal feelings. The team member told him that God has good plans for him and can deliver him from those thoughts and feelings. “When I asked him if he had a personal relationship with Jesus, he told me that he doesn’t have much of one,” the team member said. After hearing how much Jesus loves him, Mark surrendered his life to the Lord.    

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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