Senate Democrats Pressure Pharmacies on Abortion Pill

Senate Democrats Pressure Pharmacies on Abortion Pill

A group of 17 Senate Democrats sent a series of letters March 13 to major pharmacy chains, seeking to pressure them to sell the abortion pill mifepristone.

Letters to Albertsons, Costco, Kroger and Walmart expressed “great frustration” that those companies had not yet indicated whether they would offer the pill. “We urge you to pursue policies that provide the strongest possible access to the full range of essential health care they need, including mifepristone,” the letters stated.

Another letter went to Walgreens, which earlier announced that in response to threatened lawsuits by attorneys general in 20 states, the chain would not make the pill available to people in those states.

Ironically, the senators criticized Walgreens for caving to that pressure while clearly hoping that Walgreens would bow to the senators’ own pressure:

“While we are well aware of threatening letters you received with regard to the distribution of mifepristone in certain states, the response to those pressures was unacceptable and appeared to yield to these threats,” the letter said, again referring to the pill as “essential health care” and adding, “At a time of great confusion about abortion access, your company has done the disservice of adding to it.”

Liberals continue to claim that the drug is “safe and effective,” ignoring the warnings of pro-life physicians such as Dr. Ingrid Skop, director of medical affairs at the Charlotte Lozier Institute.

“I’ve performed at least a dozen surgeries on women who experienced complications when the abortion pill regimen failed, including one emergency surgery just last month,” Skop said in February. “I’ve cared for women who took mifepristone and misoprostol to induce an abortion and required blood transfusions or treatment for severe infections.

“Planned Parenthood and the FDA turn a blind eye to what happens in the real world when these dangerous drugs are given to women with little or no supervision. Typically, the abortionist isn’t providing follow-up care. Instead, these women are ending up in already over-worked emergency rooms with complications that the FDA doesn’t even bother to track.

“The dangers of the abortion pill regimen are readily apparent to anyone who cares to truly look.”

Writing at Washington Stand, Joy Stockbauer commented:

“It is beyond disturbing that Senate Democrats would harshly intimidate and bully private corporations to involve themselves in the unprecedented legal minefield surrounding abortion in America today. These senators are actively encouraging pharmacies to engage in legal and public relations nightmares, in direct violation of state and federal laws about which they have already received warnings. Walgreens is likewise facing harassment from California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), who has severed his state’s ties with the company for agreeing to comply with the law in states where the illegality of selling chemical abortion drugs would be enforced.”

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