Pro-Lifers Rallying Today in Philly After State Rep Verbally Assaults Christians

Pro-Lifers Rallying Today in Philly After State Rep Verbally Assaults Christians

Pro-lifers, led by popular conservative blogger Matt Walsh, planned to rally on Friday outside a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood facility where a Democratic state representative has been ridiculing Christians in videos that have gone viral this week.

Democratic State Rep. Brian Sims, an open homosexual who has said on video that he lives near the Planned Parenthood facility, has posted videos on Twitter of himself verbally accosting teenaged girls and a woman praying on the sidewalk. He has threatened to “dox” pro-lifers—a process of publicly exposing private information about someone in an effort to shame them. He has suggested protesting outside the homes of pro-lifers, even offering $100 to anyone who could provide names and addresses and other vital information, he said.

To rally support for pro-lifers, Walsh wrote on his blog: “So at 11 a.m. this Friday, I will be at that clinic on 1144 Locust St in Philadelphia alongside Abby Johnson, Lila Rose, Graham Allen, and many others. If Sims wants to show up with his camera again, any one of us would be more than happy to engage with him. I know he prefers to target elderly women and teenage girls, but now he’ll have the opportunity to pick on someone his own size. The lesson here is simple: If you try to intimidate us into silence, we will only get louder. Bullying tactics will achieve the exact opposite of what you intended. That’s the takeaway.”

The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List announced they would be providing live video of the event on their Twitter account—

Sims has described himself on one of his two Twitter accounts as an “LGBTQ activist, State Representative, civil rights attorney, College Football Captain, Bearded, #RuPaulsDragRace fanatic, #LittleMermaid enthusiast.”

He accused a woman praying on the sidewalk of being racist, asking her how many children she had fed that day, and repeatedly saying “Shame on you!” as he ridiculed her at close distance. The woman remains silent and tries to ignore him through most of the video, finally asking him to leave her alone before she makes a phone call. Sims says on Twitter that he has been a volunteer escort at the clinic.

Ryan Bomberger, a prominent pro-life activist who is black, said of Sims on Twitter May 7: “Love when gay activists like @BrianSimsPA crusade against ‘discrimination’ yet celebrate the most violent form of it. Activists like Sims reveal how much #LGBT activism takes pride in abortion. Every human life, regardless of circumstances, has purpose.” 

Obianuju Ekeocha, another black pro-life activist, responded to Sims on Twitter: “You have the nerve to describe pro-life people as racists? But in reality YOU & the entire abortion cult are the real racists. In 2017 42.8% of babies aborted in your state were black babies but black population in Pennsylvania is only 10.6% of general population. #BlackGenocide”

After some public pushback and even calls to resign, Sims stopped short of apologizing for his behavior but announced on Twitter: “I will fiercely protect a woman’s right to make the best choices for her health & her body, unimpeded. I also know that two wrongs don’t make a right, especially on the front lines of a civil rights battle. I can do better, and I will do better, for the women of Pennsylvania.”

Feature Image: Bastiaan Slabbers/ZUMA Press/Newscom

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