Olympic Runner Sydney McLaughlin Shatters Record, Gives God Glory

Olympic Runner Sydney McLaughlin Shatters Record, Gives God Glory

U.S. Olympic gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin, 22, broke her own world record by nearly 0.8 seconds in the 400-meter hurdles July 22 at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon—all the while praising God.

“I’ll have to start off by saying all the glory to God,” she told NBC Sports after the race. “These past few days getting ready for this race, Hebrews 4:16 has been on my mind—coming boldly to His throne to receive mercy and grace. And I think He really gave me the strength to do it today, so all the glory goes to God.”

McLaughlin finished at 50.68 seconds, more than 1.5 seconds ahead of Netherlands’ Olympic bronze medalist Femke Bol, who came in second. According to AP News, McLaughlin’s 50.68 in the hurdles would’ve been good for seventh in the regular 400, where they didn’t have to traverse the 10 barriers.

Even Bol was amazed.

“[Sydney] was so far in front at the end, I was always doubting if I really had a good race because it felt very good,” she recounted. “Then I saw the time and I was like: ‘Wow.’ It is amazing to be a part of it and to come out second in such a race.”

McLaughlin said that in preparation for the meet, the majority of her team bathed the event in prayer.

“The amount of prayer coupled with hard work was divinely culminated in 50.68 seconds. By the grace of God, we accomplished our goal.”

Later on Instagram, she expressed her gratefulness for the platform she’s been given.

“I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to represent not only the United States, but the Kingdom of God. These are the kinds of moments that last a lifetime, and I can do nothing apart from Him!!”

Photo: Lemmy K/SIPA/Newscom

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