New Title IX Regulations Will Endanger Women’s Sports

New Title IX Regulations Will Endanger Women’s Sports

This month, the Biden administration is expected to release new Title IX regulations that could potentially change the future of women’s sports.

The proposed alteration to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 would prohibit schools from broadly banning transgender students from sports teams that reflect their gender identity, enabling males to play on women’s sports teams.

Critics point out that this gives an unfair advantage to transgender athletes who are biologically male, leaving less room on the roster for qualified females and causing women who have trained hard to potentially miss out on scholarship opportunities. Ultimately, it undermines over 50 years of women’s sports on an equal playing field.

On Monday, Cissie Graham Lynch posted a video on her Instagram story, sharing an urgent message to fight for girls’ sports. She encouraged viewers to take action against the proposed change by filling out a form with Heritage Action for America, a group that works to turn “conversative ideas into reality on Capitol Hill.”

Lynch is especially passionate about the subject as she realizes Title IX could negatively affect sports competitions for her 10-year-old daughter Margaret, who is learning to play tennis.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has also urged the Biden administration to protect women’s sports.

“The Biden administration’s proposed sports rule is a slap in the face to female athletes who deserve an equal opportunity to compete on the playing field,” commented Christiana Kiefer, ADF Senior Counsel. 

“The proposed rule degrades women and tells them that their athletic goals and placements don’t matter. When society and the law try to ignore reality, people get hurt. And, in sports, Congress recognized long ago that it’s women and girls who pay the price.”

Kiefer referenced numerous female athletes who have already been displaced by males competing in their sport, including former NCCAA and University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines.

Last month, Franklin Graham shared his support for Riley Gaines on a Facebook post after she was assaulted by a man in a dress while speaking up for women’s rights in sports.  

“Thank you Riley for trying to defend the future of women’s athletics for millions of young female athletes,” Graham said. “I hope women—and men—across our country will stand up with Riley against this insanity.”

With the new Title IX regulations to be announced, ADF is continuing its fight to represent other female competitors in various states to establish fairness on playing fields.

“Countless other women and girls across the country have lost championships, qualifying points, placements and the opportunity to compete. Their efforts and the harm they have suffered have been completely ignored,” Kiefer said.

“We urge the Biden administration to swiftly withdraw its proposed sports rule, which, if implemented, will have devastating consequences on the future of women’s sports.”


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