Muslim Father Kills Daughter the Day She Converts

Muslim Father Kills Daughter the Day She Converts

A man in Nansana, Uganda, killed his daughter May 29 after she received Christ and attended a Christian church, according to Morning Star News.

The daughter, 28-year-old Hawa Amoti, reportedly had had several dreams about Jesus Christ, so she visited a Christian neighbor.

“Amoti came to our home very early in the morning and needed to know more of Issa [Jesus], whom she had seen in a dream,” the neighbor said. “After explaining to her about eternal life and forgiveness of sin that comes from Jesus who came to take away the sins of the whole world, she willingly accepted Jesus for the salvation of her soul. I then prayed for her, and then together we went to church in Nansana.”

Amoti then accompanied her neighbors back to their home for lunch and remained there until about 5:45 p.m.

Her father, Haji Shariifu Agaba, had already learned that Amoti had attended a Christian church that morning. When she arrived at home, Agaba ordered his sons to beat her, though one son reportedly tried to defend her. Agaba then took a knife and pierced Amoti’s eyes, saying, “I want to remove these eyes so that you stop seeing churches forever. Even if you die, we are not going to bury you.”

Neighbors rushed to rescue Amoti and arranged for a vehicle to rush her to a hospital, but she died from loss of blood. Church members buried her body, and community leaders reportedly vowed to arrest and charge Agaba.

As many as 34 percent of Ugandans are evangelical Christians, and Uganda is not listed on Open Doors’ World Watch List of the top 50 countries where it is most difficult to follow Jesus.

But Voice of the Martyrs reports that in Uganda, “Christian converts from Islam face pressure from family members and harassment in Muslim communities. Several young people who converted to Christianity have been severely beaten and injured by parents or community members. Pastors and churches have been attacked, and some converts have been killed after their faith became known. The children of families who leave Islam are no longer welcome at school. In some areas, local laws are passed to limit the spread of Christianity or seize church land.”

Above: The skyline of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. Nansana, where the murder reportedly took place, is located about seven miles northwest of Kampala.

Photo: Zute Lightfoot/Alamy

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