MSU Students Reimbursed After Being Forced to Subscribe to Leftist Website

MSU Students Reimbursed After Being Forced to Subscribe to Leftist Website

When students at Michigan State University (MSU) noticed that the syllabus for their marketing communications class required them to purchase a subscription to a community social justice site that allegedly funds Planned Parenthood, several of them filed complaints against their professor, Amy Wisner.

According to the conservative Young America’s Foundation, Wisner, who created the online community for her leftist social agenda, explained on a now-deleted Facebook post that 100% of membership fees are donated to Planned Parenthood. However, she also suggested that her GoFundMe account and the site’s revenue would go toward a “rebellion RV” that she would use to travel across the country to “cancel the patriarchy” and champion the community’s goals of a “bully-free future.”

Michigan State University has since opened an investigation and committed to reimburse students who paid the $99 membership fee to the professor’s website, Patriarchy Rebellion.

In an email obtained by the Young America’s Foundation online publication the New Guard, MSU’s interim dean Judith Whipple told students, “We conducted a review of the MKT 250 Business Communication class and assignment materials based on feedback. We take student feedback very seriously as we strive for the best educational experiences for our students.

“You will receive a one-time credit for $99 to reimburse you for the subscription to The Rebellion Community as this material will no longer be required for the course,” Whipple continued. “The refund will be applied to your MSU account within the next two weeks.”

Wisner, who taught at MSU’s business school for the past 12 years, has been removed from the school’s directory. On her Instagram account, she still describes herself as an “intersectional feminist and business communication professor challenging societal norms and guiding students on a self-discovery journey.”

With over 600 students enrolled in her classes during one semester, Wisner potentially could have acquired tens of thousands of dollars in website revenue. The New Guard reported that it is unclear where the reimbursement funds are coming from, adding, “Wisner made social media posts indicating that she had already spent significant sums of the proceeds on donations to Planned Parenthood and a down payment on her ‘rebellion RV.’”

Her former students will be responsible for any site renewal fees if they fail to cancel the “The Rebellion Community” subscription.

Another professor is currently teaching the students’ marketing communications course.

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