LGBTQ Activists to Host Sex-Ed Camp for Elementary Schoolers

LGBTQ Activists to Host Sex-Ed Camp for Elementary Schoolers

LGBTQ activists in Indianapolis, Indiana, are hosting a sexual education summer camp for elementary schoolers, in which third through fifth graders will be taught about condom usage and the “spectrum” of gender, among other topics.

According to promotional materials, the four-day program costs $250 per child and will take place June 6-10.

Sexuality educator Ashley Robertson, who also runs the group “Let’s Talk Sex with Ms. Ashley,” is hosting the camp, which is meant to encourage “affirming, nonbinary, body-positive, social emotional learning through play.” 

Based on the “Our Whole Lives” curriculum, the camp will teach children to take a “social justice approach to inclusive sexuality education.”

The event page for the camp was open to the public, but since receiving negative feedback, it is now password protected.

According to The Daily Wire, children will not be separated by gender when learning about puberty, bodies and sex because Robertson believes that “gender is a spectrum” and “everyone needs to learn about all bodies.” 

When the Facebook group “Purple for Parents Indiana” (PPI) posted a parental alert on its page warning community members “that these ‘grooming’ techniques are the same used by sex traffickers and pedophiles alike,” Robertson was quick to respond, calling PPI a “hate group.”

But PPI fired back at Robertson: “What’s hateful and evil is the fact that you think perverting children is acceptable in our society and charge for it.”

In addition, PPI has called for an investigation of Robertson.

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