Kirk Cameron Promotes Biblical Virtues to Children

Kirk Cameron Promotes Biblical Virtues to Children

Amid the COVID pandemic in January 2021, Christian actor and filmmaker Kirk Cameron felt compelled to share a message of hope for those sheltering in their homes like he and his family were in California.

For 100 consecutive days, Cameron broadcast his “Campfire Revival” to tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. With flames flickering from his backyard fire pit, Cameron led in prayer, Bible study, praise songs and passionate reflections on America’s Judeo-Christian beginnings.

As the nation faced a turning point during the first 100 days of the Biden administration, Cameron sought to ask God “to give us as the family of faith the humility and the obedience to follow His 100-day plan for His people,” he told Decision

“It was encouraging,” Cameron said. “It was a source of hope—especially during that time when people felt overwhelmed with worry, anxiety and depression.”

Cameron, who starred in the family sitcom “Growing Pains” from 1985 to 1992, became a Christian in his late teens and has been leveraging his fame and broadcast platform for God’s glory for nearly three decades.

Married for more than 30 years and a father of six, Cameron is an advocate for healthy Biblical marriages and parenting. He has most recently become a children’s book author to combat the LGBTQ-themed books aimed at kids in public school libraries. Since late last year, Cameron has been touring the country and reading his books to thousands of children and their parents at public libraries, many of which have also previously hosted a drag queen story hour. 

“God gave our children to us—not to governments, not even to churches,” Cameron said during a May stop at the Billy Graham Library. As You Grow promotes Biblical virtues identified as the fruits of the Spirit, and his newest children’s book, Pride Comes Before the Fall, was released  in June amid the LGBTQ “Pride Month” emphasis.

“We’re the shepherds of their hearts and their minds,” he said. “Our hope is not flying on Air Force One. Our hope for the future does not begin at the White House. It begins at your house.”

Cameron has produced documentaries about America’s Christian roots and how to protect children from the dangers of technology and social media. His films about rescuing failing marriages and the beauty of adoption have changed lives for eternity.

“‘From my vantage point, media is a powerful tool because it is an amplification of a message,’” Cameron said. “The media amplifies ideas, and if those ideas are connected with truth, then it produces good results in the people. But our free press and free media is being steamrolled right now by the government in bed with large corporations that control the media to serve political interests. 

“So, I’m happy to see alternative media channels being created to give people a voice again, so that they can speak clearly, freely, and they can get good ideas back out to the people.”  ©2023 BGEA

Photo: Thomas J. Petrino/©2023 BGEA

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