Islamists Attack, Kill Christians

Twenty-four people were killed and many more injured in two brutal attacks on Christians in the countries of Kenya and Nigeria, according to reports fromMorning Star News. The first attack was on residents of Bobo village in Kenya, where Somali militants from the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab forced locals to reveal the names of the Christians in the village. Four Christian villagers were killed.

Just two days after the al-Shabab attack in Kenya, Muslim herdsmen in the Plateau state of central Nigeria massacred 20 Christians in the village of Ancha. The Fulani herdsmen claimed to be avenging the killing of a young Fulani boy, even though the village had no association to the boy’s death. Morning Starsaid the Fulani killed as many Christians as they could in the village, including nine children from 3 months old to 17 years old.