Huge Crowds Attend Kirk Cameron Story Hours

Huge Crowds Attend Kirk Cameron Story Hours

Massive crowds flooded public libraries in Indianapolis, Indiana; and Scarsdale, New York, to attend story hours with Christian actor, filmmaker and author Kirk Cameron.

Both libraries had been among 54 that had declined or failed to respond to requests by Cameron’s publisher, Brave Books, to host Cameron’s reading of his new children’s book, “As You Grow.”

The libraries had previously held Drag Queen story hours, and Cameron wanted to present a story with Biblical values. After news outlets picked up the story of libraries turning down Cameron’s story-hour requests, the Indianapolis Public Library allowed Cameron’s story hour Dec. 29, and the Scarsdale Public Library allowed Cameron to read Dec. 30.

The turnout was overwhelming at both events. In Indianapolis, Brave Books reported that more than 2,500 people showed up, although the library put the number at 750. One attendee tweeted live updates and videos that showed people lined up among the library’s bookshelves and singing “God Bless America.” The tweet read, “Library staff has informed patrons that there will not be room for all guests to enjoy the book reading. As you can see [in the video], the building appears well beyond capacity.”

The following day, hundreds more attended Cameron’s story hour in Scarsdale, about 22 miles northeast of Manhattan, the Washington Times reported.

Cameron actually read the book twice in Scarsdale because not everyone could fit in the room, and Brave Books asked the library if Cameron could do a third reading, but the library refused to allow that, saying the library had a shortage of staff and would be closing soon. Still, Brave Books thanked the people of Scarsdale, tweeting, “This is an incredible showcase of what patriots, Christians and the ‘silent’ majority can accomplish!”

“Just a few months ago, Scarsdale held a drag queen story hour for 2-year-olds,” said Brave Books chief of staff Zac Bell. “Today we read a wholesome God-honoring book to hundreds. That is beautiful. We’re starting a movement.”

Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images for LIFEMARK Movie

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