My Hope Film Aims to Spur Eternal ‘Decisions’

Americans have the most consequential choice ahead of them. Hint: it's not the presidential election.

My Hope Film Aims to Spur Eternal ‘Decisions’

Americans have the most consequential choice ahead of them. Hint: it's not the presidential election.

Molly, whose story of coming to Christ is recounted in the new My Hope film Decisions, is shown at her baptism. Her entire family joined her in baptism this day.

Our nation is at a crossroads, in several ways—politically, racially, socially and spiritually. That leaves many Americans insecure about the future.

And this means—more than ever—that every decision counts. No matter what decisions are made, they all have consequences. Some of these consequences are temporal; some are eternal.

This year’s My Hope DVD feature film explores that reality.

“As I’ve traveled to every state capital, I’ve been talking with many people about the importance of decisions,” said Franklin Graham in the film, titled Decisions. “I see thousands of people faced with a choice. This is a crucial time for our nation, and I want people to know the truth.”

Using the backdrop of this year’s Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham, Decisions aims to connect with Americans from all walks of life, and pleads with them to make the most important decision they’ll ever make—the choice to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

As with past years’ programs, My Hope provides an evangelistic, conversation-starting video as a tool for churches and individuals to engage their communities with the Gospel.

In keeping with the My Hope tradition, this year’s film showcases the testimonies of several people who have made the eternal choice to follow Christ.

Viewers will meet John, a former atheist from New Hampshire whose life was transformed by the truth. They’ll also hear the testimony of Lourdes, a woman from Florida who was liberated from carrying a shameful secret by the hope of the Gospel.

Molly, a teenager from New Hampshire who had given up on life, describes how a relationship with Christ gave her resolve to press on and live for Him. And Nikita, a Mississippi woman who served as a security guard at the Decision America Tour stop in Jackson, explains how she got the surprise of her life on what she thought would be a routine work day.

Steve Rhoads, vice president of My Hope, said the timing for this message could not be any better: “It actually takes the idea of Decision America and turns it toward the most important and critical decision of all: What are you going to do with Jesus?

“The message of Decision America has been consistent—that the country is in deep trouble and the only hope is Jesus,” he continued. “So Decisions is built on that theme. But underneath that is all this spiritual architecture built on prayer, which is just amazing.”

Since the Decision America Tour began in Iowa on Jan. 5, hundreds of thousands of Americans have heard the Gospel—and many have responded. However, as Rhoads explained, the movement shouldn’t stop on Oct. 13 in Raleigh, N.C.—Franklin’s last prayer rally of the Tour. The prayers of Christians for our country must continue, and even more so, the proclamation of the Gospel must have a ripple effect.

When the Decisions DVD arrives in homes and churches this month, it will be up to God’s people to continue this Gospel movement.

“It strikes a chord in the heart of pastors, I believe, because the problems are so deep and pervasive and there don’t seem to be any solutions,” Rhoads said. “For the whole year we’ve been working with thousands of churches all over the country, encouraging Christians throughout America to attend these rallies. I think it’s fair to say that many pastors and leaders want to see a prayer meeting started in their own church.”

But something else is going on: God is moving in the most unlikely, secular pockets of our nation.

“God is raising up people who are praying for revival, for awakening, for Him to move in ways not seen in our lifetime,” Rhoads said.

“It seems that God’s people are increasingly desperate and want more of Him. So, as it relates to My Hope and the presentation of this film, the seriousness with which pastors and churches are taking our situation means that they run back to God. And if we know anything, it’s that if we call on Him in the day of trouble, He will answer.

If you have God’s people praying, calling on His name, He is going to answer.”

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