‘Flood of the Century’ in Queensland, Australia

After a prolonged drought, some parts of Queensland received three years’ worth of rainfall during the week of Jan. 28. Local residents are calling this a “one in 100-year event.” The ensuing chaos has wrecked homes and caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage. Making matters worse are the numerous sightings of crocodiles and snakes in the floodwaters.

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) deployed to the city of Townsville in northeastern Queensland on Feb. 4 to provide emotional and spiritual care to those affected by the intense monsoonal weather system. 

“God is for them,” said crisis-trained RRT chaplain Stewart Beveridge. “He has not abandoned them at this time. God is compassionate and kind and good, even in the midst of crisis.”

In a time of such turmoil and devastation, many are in desperate need of the hope of the Gospel. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has held several Crusades in Australia over the years, including The Graham Tour with Franklin Graham Feb. 9-24. The Tour marked the 60th anniversary of Billy Graham’s 1959 visit, when he traveled across the country preaching the Good News and leading thousands to a relationship with Jesus Christ.