Facebook, Instagram Ban Content Deemed ‘Conversion Therapy’

Facebook, Instagram Ban Content Deemed ‘Conversion Therapy’

Instagram and parent company Facebook have announced that they will block the promotion of any counseling they deem as “conversion therapy” on both social media platforms.

Tara Hopkins, Instagram’s public policy director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told the BBC on July 10, “We don’t allow attacks against people based on sexual orientation or gender identity and are updating our policies to ban the promotion of conversion therapy services.”

The Left has derisively referred to any counseling for men and women experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction and/or gender dysphoria as “conversion therapy.”

Earlier this year, Facebook and Instagram banned the promotion of any counseling or therapy for homosexuality or transgenderism in ads, but they have now taken it a step further, banning all posts, videos and testimonials that paint such therapy in a positive light.

In a move that applies to both platforms, Facebook also said it would expand its existing policies on hate speech worldwide to include posts that advertise or promote the practice.

Instagram has already taken action against Core Issues Trust, a United Kingdom-based Christian organization dedicated to supporting men and women in the church who voluntarily want to move away from homosexuality, by removing all content posted by the group that the social media giant deems “hateful.”

“We are always reviewing our policies and will continue to consult with experts and people with personal experiences to inform our approach,” said Hopkins.

Christopher Doyle, a professional counselor and executive director of the Institute for Healthy Families, told The Christian Post that he considers the social media sites’ decision an “assault on free speech and religious liberty.”

“While the company claims they are taking this action to prevent discrimination towards the LGBT community, the real people they are hurting are those who experience unwanted sexual and gender identity conflicts and are seeking options for healing and ethical, licensed therapy,” said Doyle.

“Everyone should have the right to seek help for unwanted attractions or sexual/gender conflicts without interference, and public companies should not be able to discriminate the views of some they may disagree with for political purposes.”

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, also spoke out about the decision: “Like others beholden to the far-Left, social media moguls don’t want to admit that change is possible … . So, they ratchet up their misinformation machines, insisting that all counseling is torture.”

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