Elementary Students to be Exposed to LGBT Lessons in UK

Elementary Students to be Exposed to LGBT Lessons in UK

The United Kingdom intends to introduce compulsory “Relationships Education” in elementary schools across the country by September 2020. Government officials say the new curriculum will teach children as young as 5 about “different types” of families.

Included in the proposed curriculum are lessons on LGBT issues. Parents at seven primary schools in Greater Manchester have contacted school management to complain about the lessons, according to The Christian Institute.

The Christian Institute’s education officer, John Denning, said respecting parents is “essential.”

“The protests reflect the lack of confidence parents have that schools are observing the proper boundaries of their role,” Denning said in a statement. “The law is clear that teachers must respect the range of views amongst parents and not undermine them with one-sided propaganda. … It is being justified by claiming that it is required by the Equality Act, but the Act is explicit that it does not apply to the school curriculum.”

In a letter to a headteachers’ union, Damian Hinds, education secretary and member of Parliament for East Hampshire, reiterated the government’s desire that schools should teach young children about LGBT issues.

“Pupils should receive teaching on LGBT relationships during their school years­—we expect secondary schools to include LGBT content,” he said. “Primary schools are enabled and encouraged to cover LGBT content if they consider it age appropriate to do so.”

Hinds added that parents should be able to “ask questions and share concerns” but do not have “a parental veto on curriculum content.”

One reader responded to an article on The Telegraph’s website: “The problem is that we are not going to get any ‘humility and tolerance’ from those driving this agenda,” M. Gihooly posted. “They are fundamentally zealots, hell-bent on imposing a confused, destructive mindset on the very young. Destroyers of innocence. God help us.”

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