Decision America Tar Heel State Tour: Proclaiming Christ in Raleigh

Decision America Tar Heel State Tour: Proclaiming Christ in Raleigh

Most Christians, it is said, don’t talk to others about Jesus Christ very often. But if you want to meet some Christians who make evangelism a priority—every day—just talk to a few of those who volunteered as counselors for the Raleigh Tour event.

People like Raymond Atwater: “We really love doing evangelism,” he said of himself and his good friend Broken Oliver, “and we love seeing people come to the Lord. So, any way that we can be used, we wanted to participate.”

Or Beth Donner: “I can’t think of any more important decision anyone has to make in their entire life,” she said. “To me, it’s all about eternal life and going to Heaven. For the past several years, I wake up every morning and ask the Lord to let me be a blessing to somebody.”

Or Donnie Clayton: “The reason I wanted to be here today is because that’s what we do as Christians—we talk to people and lead them to Christ.”

Or Ric Noble: “I’m part of a Christian organization in the area here,” Noble said. “Our mission is all about trying to reach the lost, particularly business and professional people. … It would be exciting to hear that hundreds of people [today] got to enjoy the peace, the pleasure that I have, knowing where I’m going to be when my time comes.”

And that’s exactly what happened Oct. 6 at the Coastal Credit Union Music Park, as some 600 people indicated decisions for Jesus Christ following Franklin’s message. 

“If you’re willing to repent, to turn from your sins and by faith invite Jesus Christ into your heart, into your life, God will forgive your sins tonight,” Franklin told the crowd of more than 7,100. “He will heal your heart, change the direction of your life.”

Franklin invited people to stand if they wanted to repent and by faith receive Christ as Savior and Lord. He then led them in prayer, and counselors made their way to those who were standing to give them further help.

In the crowd, a mother and father stood, as did their 7-year-old daughter. The parents rededicated their lives to Christ, and their daughter received Christ. An 11-year-old girl who attends church realized she had never committed her life to Christ, and she did so. And a former U.S. Marine, who suffers from PTSD, drove two hours to the event in order to make a public profession of faith, having committed his life to Christ earlier this year. 

Photo: Paul Sherar/2019 BGEA

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