Chinese Artist Unveils Statues of Billy Graham

World-famous artist Yuan Xikun, who has created sculptures and sketches of many heads of state and other influential people, recently traveled from China to the BGEA headquarters to unveil two sculptures.

“Billy Graham as a Messenger of Hope” is a bust that captures the calm assurance that marked his life as a result of knowing Christ. “Billy Graham as Sower” shows Mr. Graham spreading seed.

“What I love about this statue,” said Franklin Graham, “is it is portraying my father as a sower, sowing the Gospel seed. My father did that in country after country after country. … He preached the Gospel; he would give an invitation for people to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.” 

A copy of the bust will reside at Chaoyang Park in Beijing, and a sculpted wall relief of Mr. and Mrs. Graham will be displayed at the Ruth Bell Graham Library in Huai’an, China, Mrs. Graham’s birthplace.