Children’s Museum Cancels ‘Queer Prom’

Children’s Museum Cancels ‘Queer Prom’

A children’s museum in Mansfield, Ohio, canceled a “queer prom” event after a flyer for the event sparked a public outcry on social media.

The prom was to be hosted by the pro-LGBTQ youth organization Love on A Mission and was aimed at youth ages 12 to 18. In addition to dinner and dancing, hosts planned to feature performances from three drag queens, two of whom referred to themselves by sexually explicit stage names.

A week before the prom was scheduled to be held, the Buckeye Imagination Museum’s board of directors released a statement on Facebook announcing it would no longer host the event. It read in part:

“We understand that concerns have been raised about the age-appropriateness of certain elements of the event, including the initial plan to include Drag Queen performers known for their adult-themed names and performances.

“As Love On A Mission at the time planned to keep some elements of the event in place, Buckeye Imagination Museum feels we are no longer the right facility rental for their event.

“At this time we are also taking steps to further ensure the appropriateness of future events.”

The group sponsoring the prom said they wanted the event to be a safe setting for LGBTQIA+ young people to express themselves, and they were “saddened that a small group of loud individuals can disrupt an event.”

Christians, however, want young people to know that Jesus is the answer to the identity crisis faced by people in the transgender movement.

Laura Perry, who once identified as transgender and now works for First Stone Ministries, is now married to a church worship leader. She said in a Decision article in September: “Instead of trying to create whoever it is that they want to be, people who are coming out of the transgender lifestyle and coming to Christ discover, like I did, that God created them—with an identity, with a purpose, with a plan.”

She further explained how God has imprinted gender into our identity.

“He designed us with a plan and a purpose to glorify Him in femaleness and in maleness,” she said. “There are over 6,500 biological differences between men and women. And that’s just what scientists know about. It doesn’t include what God knows that we don’t.”


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