Autographed by the Author

A Selection from Ruth Bell Graham’s Writing

A heavy, flat package arrived from Ottawa. Quickly tearing off the wrappings, I discovered with delight a portfolio by photographer Yousuf Karsh, complete with his comments on each subject and sitting.

Wondering who had sent the book, I turned to the front and discovered an inscription to Bill from the photographer himself. The customs sticker on the torn wrappings described the value of the contents as “Autographed by the author.”

I later re-read an essay I had written at age 14, titled “The Name of Jesus.” It closes with Revelation 3:12: “I will write upon him my new name” (KJV).

The essay concluded: “If His present name is so wonderful, what will His new name be which He has promised to write upon us if we overcome in this world?”

Our ultimate value will not only be that we were created, compiled and, as it were, written by the Author—but that we have been autographed by the Author.     

Adapted by permission from “Legacy of a Pack Rat,” by Ruth Bell Graham, ©1989 The Ruth Graham Literary Trust.