Arkansas Gov. Rejects Biden Admin’s Title IX Changes

Arkansas Gov. Rejects Biden Admin’s Title IX Changes

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) issued an executive order Thursday rejecting the Biden administration’s changes to Title IX that include sexual orientation and gender identity in its definition of sex-based harassment and discrimination.

“My message to Joe Biden and the federal government is that we will not comply,” Huckabee Sanders said at a press release.

Franklin Graham posted on Facebook, “This policy was intended to protect females from sex-based discrimination in school and education programs, and is being changed … to now include ‘gender identity.’ This means taking away the protections of women and girls in favor of males who now ‘identify’ as female.”

The redefined regulations declare that people are not to be separated or treated differently based on sex “in a manner that subjects them to more than de minimis harm,” and “recognizes that preventing a person from participating in a recipient’s education program or activity consistent with their gender identity subjects that person to more than de minimis harm.”

The changes have been met with backlash and numerous lawsuits, including those by attorneys general from 15 states, alleging that it will allow private spaces such as locker rooms and bathrooms, as well as athletics and school activities, to be based solely on perceived gender identity. Additionally, concerns have been raised that using biologically-correct pronouns could be constituted as harassment under the changes.

Riley Gaines, former collegiate swimming standout and activist for women’s sports, said that with the changes, “the Biden administration is unilaterally erasing 50 years of equal opportunity law for women.”

Huckabee Sanders said, “If Biden gets his way, female college students will shower and change next to male college students, referring to someone using biologically correct pronouns will get you hauled in front of a disciplinary board for harassment and scholarships previously reserved for women will now be open to anyone claiming to be a woman.”

She continued, “This issue goes far beyond a single locker room or a missed scholarship.

“The truth is important. Biology is important. The differences between men and women are important. Title IX was created because of those fundamental truths.”

Franklin continued in his post, “She’s exactly right. Her executive order reserves female-designated sports for females and also protects employees of Arkansas’ educational institutions from being forced to use false pronouns. It’s a WIN for the rights of women, girls, and reality—It’s a win for Arkansas! Thank you, Governor.”

Above: Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Riley Gaines at a press conference May 2.


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