About Us


Decision magazine and decisionmagazine.com exist to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ, to inform and challenge readers about key cultural and Biblical issues, and to extend the ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Our readers include subscribers and donors in more than 75 countries.


Just a few years after Billy Graham launched Christianity Today—which at the time was aimed primarily toward ministry leaders—he sensed that the church could use a resource to help them navigate the ever-changing world.

“I felt we needed two publications,” said Mr. Graham. “One on the theological level and a more popular magazine to help ordinary Christians in their witness and daily walk.”

Decision began publication in November 1960. By the time it celebrated its 10th anniversary, circulation had passed 4 million.

“Our publication is designed for people who are busily engaged in a secular world where there is tremendous competition for their time,” wrote Mr. Graham in the first issue of Decision.

“There will be sections devoted to the discussion of theological, social and evangelistic issues of our day. Some of the articles will be purposefully controversial. We believe there is room for high-level disagreement and discussion to arouse the church out of indifference and complacency.”

Today, 59 years later, Decision has stayed true to Billy Graham’s vision. Sometimes, we share the plight of those embroiled in religious liberty battles. Other times, we tell the stories of people transformed by the Gospel. And you’ll often read cultural commentary that analyzes an issue through the lens of Scripture.

In keeping with Billy Graham’s tradition of using technology and mass media to reach the world with the truth, and to inform Christians and equip them to appropriately respond to today issues, decisionmagazine.com launched in April 2019.

Decisionmagazine.com aims to supplement the print magazine with daily breaking news and special web features that speak to the issues that impact our world—and the church. It also serves as an extension of Franklin Graham’s call for Christians to stand for Biblical values.

Billy Graham penned these words in November 1960: “The first issue of Decision is launched in the midst of a revolutionary world, at a time when Christianity is being challenged on a scale unprecedented in its history.”

We believe this statement about the condition of our world is even more accurate today. More than ever, we need clear, sound, faith-filled voices that can pierce the darkness with light.

That’s what we intend to do at decisionmagazine.com.